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Since their involvement we say:
Who needs a CFO when you can have ABEL?



Your Investment  

Maximize your chances to close the perfect investor

Feel secure about your pitch

Be confident in your interaction with investors

Select the investors that are right for you

Tips & tricks how to screen and select the

right investors.

Unlimited support by email;

Guidance through all 2 x 4 steps of the ABEL framework

Review of your investor documentation; 

13 (Bi-) weekly one-on-one coaching sessions of 90 minutes

The Fundraising Preparation Program Includes:



Tim Metz - Saent


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With ABEL Finance as your
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What is a fundraising coach?

A fundraising coach guides you through all steps your SaaS needs to take to make your SaaS as 'fundable' as possible. We help you make sure that your product, your sales, your team and your fundraising strategy are ready, so you can confidently pitch to the best investor.

I've already started raising - can I still join?

No, this program is specifically designed to get you ready before starting. But we can still help you during the process. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

What is the difference between a fundraising coach and a fundraising agent?

A fundraising agent claims to get you funding through their amazing network of investors. However, most of them are not well connected. They don't really help you find the right investor either. And for early rounds, investors do not like startups that need an agent.

A fundraising coach does not act on your behalf. We enable and support you, so you can raise the investment yourself. We work with a fixed fee, so we have no incentive to push you in a deal that is bad for you.

Why shouldn’t I just hire a fundraising agent?

For you as the founder, that is a very expensive option. For Seed and Series A, the success fees are about 5-10% of capital raised.  You may think that the investor is paying that, but actually you are paying that! For that money, you also could bring in more developers or sales people…

For the investor, it is a big, red, question mark. These rounds, they invest in the team more than anything else. And working with a fundraising agent is not a good sign, it raises questions about the abilities of the team.

With the ABEL Fundraising Preparations Program, YOU remain in the driver seat. YOU are doing the fundraising. We guide you from the passenger seat.



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